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(EN) “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” (film): Words will set you free

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A group of elders arrive in India to stay in a dilapidated hotel. Each one went there for different reasons and they feel deceived when the hotel is not the wonder they thought it was. However, as they don’t have the means to go to another hotel, they stay. The hotel is run by a young man full of dreams but without much knowledge on how to manage it.

The elders are dissapointed with life and they have reached an end of some kind. Without knowing what to do with their remaining expectations, they try to move on without much hope for the future. On the contrary, the young man is very hopeful for the future and he’s not scared to take things further, but a lot is not working in his life.

As the plot unfolds, masks are dropped and the characters must face what they need to face. They are trapped in a reality they have made up for themselves and they need to be freed from it. They need to say the words – they are the key for everthing.

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