Em português

Ana Catarina Palma Neves

My specialisation in translation and international communication was the result of sixteen years of work experience and nine years of academic studies. On one hand, my graduation and master’s degrees in the field of information management/systems allow acquiring search and research skills as well as important computer knowledge. On the other hand, the diploma in translation from/into English provided me with language knowledge, which completed the knowledge acquired on my own initiative. Among my various work experiences, I highlight the six years in an International Relations office, where I developed communication skills, especially with foreign people, organisation and sense of responsibility. By having different experiences, and having the opportunity to progress, I became resourceful, and I developed my proactivity and initiative skills, as well as resilience and stress resistance. Living and working in London for one year, and my countless travels, resulting in developing my multicultural awareness and my problem-solving ability. At one point, I had already all the skills to be a freelancer and, taking advantage of all my language and multicultural experience, I became a translator. Recently, my collaborations in several sports events, in the international communication area, lead my skills and my knowledge to broaden my freelance services.

  • Diplomas and Certificates
  • Career History
  • Travelling
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